Azrin Awal was born in Bangladesh and her family immigrated to Minnesota when she was three. Azrin moved to Duluth to attend college at the University of Minnesota Duluth and fell in love with the city and the lake. 


As a first generation college student Azrin knows what it is like to push through adversity. As a person who worked her way through college she knows that people who are struggling do not necessarily look like they are struggling. And as a student who never had enough money to live in the dorms she knows about Duluth’s housing crisis, and what families do to keep a roof over their heads.

Azrin helped found the UMD Chapter of the NAACP and currently serves on the Duluth NAACP Board. She worked as an on-campus confidential sexual assault advocate through PAVSA, and advocated to pass the Homeless Persons’ Bill of Rights. Today Azrin works as a youth advocate where she serves at-risk youth experiencing homelessness and is finishing her degree in Public Health.

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“My story might be very different from your story,” Azrin says. “But what we have in common is a commitment to this place and to each other. I believe by standing together we can make this a welcoming, healthy, and thriving community for every one of us.”




The lack of affordable housing in Duluth affects too many of our neighbors every day. As a student who never had enough money to live on campus, I have experienced Duluth’s housing crisis. We have a high rate of homelessness, as well as many lower to middle income households struggling to find a decent place to live at a price they can afford, and seniors in need of housing. Addressing the housing crisis requires both an investment of resources as well as planning and implementation of policies that encourage affordable housing and development. I will push for both.


As Duluthians, we aspire to be an inclusive community where all can prosper. Unfortunately, Duluth has significant racial and class inequities that contradict those values. To be the city that we wish to be we must stand together as one community, regardless of our backgrounds, our identities, the neighborhoods we live in, or what we do for a living. That is the perspective I will bring to every decision I make as a city councilor.


Not having a car should not be debilitating for Duluthians. Without reliable, accessible transportation, individuals can’t get to work, can’t access education, and can’t take advantage of all Duluth has to offer. We need improved public transit and walkable neighborhoods where people can live close to where they work, shop, and play.


We Duluthians are proud of our lake, our river, our creeks, and the parks and trails that crisscross our city. We must protect our parks and natural areas, protect our water, and continue the cleanup of the St. Louis River. We must also take more aggressive action to address climate change. The City’s declaration of a climate emergency was an important first step. I will push the City Administration to accelerate its work to decrease carbon emissions and to prepare for more extreme weather events.



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"Azrin is ready to lead. She supports workers, environmental justice, and racial justice, and she understands that all these issues are related. She will stand strong for these values on the Duluth City Council."

-Jen McEwen, State Senator

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"Azrin Awal's perspective, curiosity and unique experience will serve all of the people of Duluth when we elect her Councilor At Large!." 

-Gary Anderson, Duluth City Councilor

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"I have had many opportunities to observe Azrin Awal's leadership and dedication to racial justice. She is a fearless advocate for social justice, and I am confident that you will be amazed by her leadership and commitment to Duluth."

-Susana Woodward, Social Justice Advocate


"I've worked with Azrin and I've seen how hard she works to help others, she fearlessly speaks out against oppression and fights injustices. She commits endless amounts of time to help others who are in need. Most of all Azrin is dedicated to Duluth and its people. This is exactly the type of leadership Duluth City council needs." 

-Classie Dudley, Group Residential Housing Provider

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"As the County Commissioner for the West Side of Duluth I know Azrin will fight hard for our neighborhoods and families. She has the integrity and backbone for the job, hard work ethic and understanding of what is at stake." 

-Ashley Grimm, St. Louis County Commissioner


"Azrin will bring a much needed fresh voice to the Duluth City Council. She will push all of us to address the challenges that Duluth face." 

-Joel Sipress, Duluth City Councilor

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"Duluth needs Azrin's voice on the City Council. She will bring fresh perspectives and solutions to issues such as affordable housing, infrastructure and neighborhood safety. She is the right person to deal with the difficulties the city faces during these challenging times."

-Sharla Gardner, former Duluth City Councilor


“I am enthusiastically supporting Azrin because she is brilliant, hard working and progressive. She cares about our city, with a keen eye on the future health of our precious lake and economic growth. Azrin is the voice we need at the table."

- Adeline Wright, Small Business Owner


"Azrin is ready to lead because she's been doing it for years. She knows that all leadership starts with listening, and she will never forget all of us she is representing."

-Andrea Gelb, Social Justice Advocate



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"I donated to Azrin's campaign because I'm excited to support a young progressive candidate who has a strong vision for what the people of Duluth need. As someone who works with homeless youth, I have seen the dire need we have for affordable housing. I believe that Azrin has the proposals and work ethic to ensure dignified housing for all."
-Will Richardson

Minnesota limits yearly donations to a single candidate to $600 for an individual and $1,200 for a couple. To donate by check send checks made out to "Azrin Awal for Duluth" to 4020 Grand Ave, Duluth, MN 55807.